Modification in KEAM 2014 answer keys

Modification in KEAM 2014 answer keys

KEAM 2014 answer keys published on 23rd April, 2014 have undergone much modification and alteration after complaints regarding the same were released. The modifications have affected the valuation process as well. Accordingly, in Paper I (Chemistry & Physics), one (1) questions from Physics part has been deleted. Hence that question has not been included in the valuation and no marks have been awarded for this deleted question to any candidate.

Valuation has been done based on 72 questions in Chemistry and 47 question in Physics. The marks obtained in Physics part of Paper I have been multiplied by (48/47), corrected to four decimal places and is added to the marks obtained in Chemistry in Paper I.

The above formula is applied to award proportionate marks based on the score of the candidate for the questions considered for evaluation (excluding deleted question) and to compensate the loss of marks for the deleted questions.

KEAM 2014 results for admission to Under Graduate courses in Kerala for the Engineering and Medical stream has declared 74,307 aspirants as qualified from Engineering stream and eligible to appear for counseling out of a total of 1,03,398 examinees. 39,512 male candidates and 34, 795 female candidates made it through the entrance.
Candidates can check results by visiting the following links:


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