DU to have mandatory course in environmental science for undergraduates

DU to have mandatory course in environmental science for undergraduates

From this year onwards, the undergraduates studying at the University of Delhi (DU) will be required to study environmental science. This has come in to affect with UGC asking the University of Delhi to introduce a mandatory course in environmental science following a Supreme Court order. In 1993, the Supreme Court directed it to frame a compulsory core, four-credit course for all undergraduates in the country.

“Students should be aware of what is happening to the earth and its resources. An understanding of this field is needed in every sphere of life,” says MK Pandit, head, department of environmental sciences, DU. “The interdisciplinary course will impart knowledge to undergraduates from all educational backgrounds. It will help them understand and appreciate various concepts and issues about the environment at the local, regional and global levels and develop lateral thinking in this area.”

Students will study about ecosystems, renewable and non-renewable natural resources, biodiversity and conservation, environmental pollution, environmental policies and practices, and human communities.

“The coursework is divided into project (25%) and field work and theoretical understanding (75%). Students will be taught through lectures, seminars, video presentations, field visits, excursions, project work, report writing and presentations. They will be guided by teachers and mentors in their college. As of now, we have given colleges the freedom to decide when they will conduct the course for first-year students,” says Pandit.


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