19 new schools to be built by Department of Education for Rs 345cr

19 new schools to be built by Department of Education for Rs 345cr

The Department of Education (DoE) is planning to add 19 more schools to the 1,007 it already runs. The new schools which will be constructed mostly in Dwarka and Rohini, will cost DoE about Rs 345 crore.

Other infrastructure projects in the pipeline like – 500 classrooms at Rs 59 crore, 177 toilet blocks at Rs 16 crore and repairs of schools are expected to cost DoE Rs 30 crore.

“About one lakh children are added to the school system every year and classrooms are bursting at the seams,” says Anindo Majumdar, principal secretary for all departments handling education, including higher and technical education. He adds that as part of the cleanliness mission, the department has been carrying out “regular inspections.” “There are three categories—green is best, yellow is satisfactory and red indicates unsatisfactory and merits a follow-up and special attention.”

Toilets will be built from government funds as well as funds from companies and private schools. The department offered in-service training to 30,000 teachers and is also focusing on training principals. “We have sent them to the National University of Educational Planning and Administration but they may go for good private institutions,” says Majumdar.


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