‘Sindhu’ instead of ‘Sindh’ features in MSBSHSE books, HC objects

‘Sindhu’ instead of ‘Sindh’ features in MSBSHSE books, HC objects

The Bombay High Court on Thursday asked the Maharashtra State government to make its stand clear on the use of the word ‘Sindhu’ instead of ‘Sindh’ in the national anthem in the textbooks.

A division bench of Justice Anoop Mehta and Justice Nitin Jamdar was hearing a public interest litigation filed by Dakshata Seth in respect of Class X textbooks printed by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. She requested the court to issue direction for textbooks to be withdrawn/ destroyed and to have the correct national anthem published.

Shet told the court nothing has changed this academic term as in some books ”Sindhu” retained and in others the anthem does not figure. Giving instances, she said the class XI Chemistry text-book has the word ”Sindhu” while the Maths text-book does not have the anthem. She said the government has not filed its reply yet. Sheth said HC and Supreme Court’s judgments which have upheld the use of the word Sindh and the petitioners were fined Rs 10,000/- each. She argued that SC said it is national anthem should not change because of territorial changes in the country.

The government’s advocate said the State government cannot effect change without instructions from the ”Central government’s Home Department.” The judges said the national anthem has to be uniform all over the country.. ”It should be the same everywhere throughout India. It cannot be different for different States,” said Justice Mohta. 


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