Third gaffe in line, visually impaired find DU Economics paper unsuitable

Third gaffe in line, visually impaired find DU Economics paper unsuitable

As a third gaffe in line, the visually-impaired first-year BCom (H) students found the microeconomics papers specially set for them unsuitable. Also, some questions that were common to both sets of papers had fewer marks allotted to them in the one for the visually impaired.

A few weeks ago, visually-impaired students had requested the Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC) for a separate set of questions for them that did not require them to draw or read graphs and diagrams. The EOC had forwarded the request to the exam branch, which forwarded it to the departments framing the questions. In this case, it was the department of commerce.

“The paper they were given had questions that ask for diagrams and don’t even give the candidate a choice,” argues a teacher. In DU, visually impaired students write exams with the help of writers. “You can dictate text but not a graph or diagram,” says the teacher. This question paper asked students to “explain and draw [an] indifference curve,” “derive the demand curve from the price consumption curve” etc.

The teacher added, “The same questions carry fewer marks in the case of VI students. Question 3(a) for VI carries five marks but much the same question for the rest carries 7.5.” In another case, a 7.5 marker for sighted candidates became a 2.5 marker for the VI. “Due to this, students had to write a lot and lost most of the extra time.”


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